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In the North West Steuben County, NY Area

EMS Services

Respond and assist at medical emergencies

Fire Departments

respond to Structure Files, Rescues, and other emergencies


Begin your journey in Fire or EMS as a junior and learn how to help people

The goal of this site is to bring together people who want to volunteer to help our communities with the organizations that provide emergency services

The Departments

Cohocton FD

Fire Department covering the Village of Cohocton and the southern part of the Town of Cohocton.

Cohocton Valley Ambulance Service

BLS Transporting Agency covering the Town and Village of Cohocton, including the hamlet of Atlanta.

Dansville Ambulance

BLS Transporting Agency covering the Town and Village of Dansville, Sparta, Ossian, and portions of South Dansville in Steuben County

Hatch Hose Company

Fire Department covering the northern part of the Town of Cohocton, including the hamlets of Atlanta and North Cohocton

Perkinsville FD

Fire Department and EMS First Responders covering the southern part of the Town of Wayland, including Perkinsville

Springwater Wayland EMS

BLS Transporting Agency covering the Town and Village of Wayland, including the hamlet of Perkinsville.

Springwater FD

Fire Department and EMS First Responders covering the Town of Springwater

Wayland FD

Fire Department covering The Village of Wayland and Northern part of the Town of Wayland

Are there ways to help without going on calls?

If you want to help make a difference in our communities but do not want to be actively involved in Fire or EMS responses, there are still many opportunities to help! Every agency has to maintain readiness, support the members, handle administrative details, and more. Volunteers can help in all those aspects and each agency has their own policies to handle that. Some call them auxiliary, others call them social or administrative members. Please fill out the form and describe how you would like to help today.

Do I have to choose Fire or EMS?

Absolutely not! You can volunteer for a fire department and an ambulance service at the same time and we have many members who do this already. You can also join a fire department that runs EMS First Responders.

Under NYS law, you can volunteer with only one fire department at a time and there are residency restrictions for fire districts, however there is no state law that restricts how many ambulance services you can join or places any residency restrictions on ambulance services. However, each agency can make their own restrictions and you may need to schedule yourself to be at the base if you live too far away.

We recommend that you talk to the agency you are interested in and see how they can work with you.

September 11th has been called on to be a National Day of Service
Please consider providing a service to your community!

343 Firefighters, 12 EMS Professionals, and 60 Law Enforcement Officers lost their lives on September 11th doing their job - saving lives. Please remember and honor their sacrifice. Photo courtesy Rebecca Wilson