Fire Department Volunteers


All members are given the opportunity to become Exterior or Interior Firefighters. There are physical requirements and classes to attend, but the benefits of being able to help your neighbors and community are well worth the effort. Those skills and the teamwork that you develop are life-long skills that will help you in any endeavor.

Driver / Pump Operator

Firefighters who want to drive and operate apparatus are given the opportunity to take Emergency Vehicle Operator Class (EVOC) and learn pump operations. These skilled drivers learn how to navigate through traffic, handle heavy vehicles in adverse conditions, and ensure the safe operation of the apparatus at all times.

Pump Operators are responsible for ensuring all firefighters at the scene have an adequate water supply.

Rescue Operations

Our Fire Departments train for responses to many types of unusual rescue situations. Firefighters may be called upon to respond to people trapped in inaccessible locations requiring water or ice rescues, high angle rope rescue, extrication, and many other skills.

More than just calls!

Our Fire Departments are more than just a place to run calls and help people, we are also family friendly membership organizations. Our members spend time together (both on and off duty), help each other out, and build friendships. Having similar community interests makes it easy to build those friendships.