The goal of this website is to promote the volunteer Fire and EMS services in the Wayland Cohocton NY region and describe the opportunities available for volunteers in all of our various agencies. We also see the statistics that on a national average, about 10% of the population moves every year and our agencies hope that this website will make it easier for new residents who may be interested in being active in their community to contact the appropriate Fire or EMS agency.

The original idea came from a discussion among the members of Springwater Wayland EMS and the site design and coordination is handled by Chief Fred Grambs of SWEMS. Every effort has been made to include agencies that help cover the school district and every agency listed here has agreed to work together to promote EMS and Fire volunteerism in our communities.

This site is hosted using the resources of Google for Nonprofits donated to SWEMS.

If you represent an EMS Agency or Fire Department in Northern Steuben or Southeastern Livingston Counties in NYS and would like to participate in this initiative, please use this form to contact us.