EMS Volunteers

Become an EMT

As an Emergency Medical Technician, you can take charge of patient care and help someone in need. Whether it is a chest pain, car accident, or illness, EMTs are the core level of any EMS Agency.

Our EMS agencies can sponsor you for your EMT certification. The class is approximately 150 hours and usually taught two nights a week. Once you complete the class and pass the exam, you can become a NYS Certified EMT.

Emergency Vehicle Operator

Another vital role of any EMS service is the Emergency Vehicle Operator. In this role, you are responsible for the safe operation of the ambulance and assist with patient care as needed by the EMT.

Drivers must have a good driving record and must complete a Vehicle Operators Course and maintain CPR certification. Our EMS agencies sponsor and arrange for these classes.

Teach the Public

Members from each of our agencies are trained to teach skills to other members and the general public. There are many opportunities for members to learn new skills and interact with the public.

If you are interested in teaching skills to others, our agencies will support your quest to develop teaching skills. Some of the classes taught by members include CPR, First Aid, Stop The Bleed, and Emergency Vehicle Operations.

Fire Department based EMS

Some fire departments also run EMS First Responder programs. These agencies respond to medical calls to stabilize the patient while a transporting EMS agency is responding. FD EMS First Responders are often the first on a scene of a cardiac arrest or car accident and begin immediate treatments like using Automated Defibrillators.

More than just calls

Our EMS agencies are more than just a place to run calls and help people, we are also family friendly membership organizations. Our members spend time together (both on and off duty), help each other out, and build friendships. Having similar community interests makes it easy to build those friendships.